Johnny Be Good

Dear Friends, after Nikki’s death I could not imagine another dog by my side, but equally not a life without a dog. As it happened  his breeder had a litter with a choice of males and at least I took a look at them and watched the puppy test. Unfortunately, the dog Holger had in mind would suit me was my choice as well and so we decided to have a new try. Even if I had wished to travel more relaxed and following invitations to Israel, Dubai or South Africa. Also the Collie National in the USA would be nice… but this is all impossible with a dog. But now that I was “free” nothing seemed more absurd to me than climbing into an aeroplane… Now Johnny has joined us two weeks ago and is turning our life upside down. He is a welcome distraction but on the other hand I realise with sadness that it will be a long way until we have the same partnership as was the case with Nik from the first day on – he was my shadow and my soul, never took an eye off me. Jo is a happy whippet puppy full of power and nonsense but also very good characteristics. Now I feel my age with rusty joints from slow walks with an elderly dog and a few kilo less which I had put on. I try to add two photos of Jo at 10 and 11 weeks with his brother Jimmi.

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