Pedigree Dogs exposed Part II

BBC announced that it is intended to air the programme around Crufts and the KC declared that it will not take part because it felt deceived during Part I believing the BBC that a positive programme showing the achievements in breeding healther pedigree dogs would be made public. However the programme was a desaster for the pedigree dog breeding world and after 50 years in pedigree dogs I can image that the editor did really not expect what she finally learned after looking deeper into pedigree dog breeding. After all she cannot have been too wrong because immediate action was taken by the Kennel Club into promoting pedigree dogs “fit for function” .

Also in Germany this led to sanctions against the English Bulldog club and reorganising Bulldog breeding. However, the Bulldog, may it be popular within the current trend of snoring short noses does not play a role in numbers in pedigree dog breeding.

For me research for an article on the Dalmatian was a great disappointment where deaf dogs and a genetic defect causing urine stones and making a special diet necessary are simply accepted just for the sake of pretty dots.

If this goes on we must not wonder why puppy buyers no longer see a reason to buy an expensive puppy from a “serious” breeder.

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