KOSMOS Dog Breed Guide

Today my publishers passed this lovely picture on to me which was sent by Nicole Straessler from Switzerland taken of her bitch Laika. She wrote: Also my bitch Laika likes the book! Thank you very much, what a pleasure for an Author’s heart.

The KOSMOS Dog Breed Guide is my life opus. The first edition appeared 1992. 1977 I had started collecting photos and information during my worldwide travels. Since then there were 11 editions and each one bigger. It was translated into Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Danish, Czech, Slowakian, Hungarian, Japanese in several editions and Polish. I keep working on it because new breeds keep coming up, photos have to be replaced and text updated. It is a very special pleasure for me to see my book on websites, TV or papers in the bookshelves of vets, dog trainers and even a Kindergarten. In Switzerland it is compulsory reading in schools and for dog trainer trainees.


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