CACIL Trautskirchen 2.4.16

After winning the CACIL in Amermont in September and in March in Aywaille in Belgium this was our first CACIL in Germany. I wondered how Kedira would cope with the best German courses and the good entry of 25 males in his class. Everything was perfect, the organisation, food and shelter, course and weather. After the first round Kedira was right on top of the list and my nerves torn… in the end it was a 2nd place and a great success. The winner is really one of the top dogs and as far as I could see it should be his last season – so congratulations! And thank you – because Kedira inherited the CACIL and CACL… if I understood everything properly, I can now apply for his C.I.C. – International Coursing Champion… Photos please see in the German version.

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